View Vol. 10 No. 1 (2022): Facade Design and Engineering


Editors in Chief
Ulrich Knaack and Tillmann Klein

Supported by the European Facade Network

Published: 2022-06-22


  • In the field of construction practice, decisions regarding material selection frequently come
    down to a choice based on tradition, i.e. recommendations based on the experience of the
    engineers hired by an employer as designers, contractors, or energy efficiency engineers.
    In the presented research, in addition to the Employer, technical individuals were involved in
    the decision-making process. The harmonisation of Employer opinions and those of experts
    were obtained through the NGT technique and Delphi based method, due to the fact...

  • Adaptive façades are multifunctional systems that are able to change their functions, features, or behaviour over time in response to changing boundary conditions or performance requirements. As one of the significant developments in the façade industry over the last decade, the adaptive façade offers an intelligent solution that can decrease energy consumption and potentially increase users’ comfort in a building. From an engineering perspective, these advanced technologies aim to...